Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of the temporary driving permit issued by AA Ceylon through RENTO is 35 USD without delivery, if you choose to have your temporary permit delivered to an address of your choice in Sri Lanka the total will be 37.5 USD.

The application process will take approximately 1-2 days and another 3-4 working days if you want your temporary driving permit delivered.

You can apply for a temporary driving permit as early as you want but please note that your permit will only be sent to process 5-7 days before your permit start date.

You will first have to register yourself on the RENTO website, if you haven’t already registered yet please click here to get registered on RENTO. Once you have registered yourself on our website you will be able to create a new application by logging into your account.

Unfortunately for the moment RENTO only converts foreign drivers licenses into temporary permits to be able to drive in Sri Lanka.

You can apply with either your international or national drivers license, the cost will not change. If you decide to apply with your international drivers license, your temporary driving permit will be valid for a period of 12 months (1 year). If you apply with a national driver’s license your temporary driving permit will be valid for 3 months.

When applying for your temporary driving permit you will need to submit 4 pictures which are as follows:

1. Picture of your passport
2. Picture of the front of your international/national drivers license
3. Picture of the back of your international/national drivers license
4. Picture of yourself

Please note that when applying with an international license and asked to provide a picture of the back of your international license, please take a picture of the inside of the international license where it shows the classes of vehicle/bike that you are allowed to drive.

RENTO only delivers your temporary driving permit within Sri Lanka, when filling up the delivery details on the application form please make sure to provide a Sri Lankan contact number as the our delivery driver will contact you when he/she is delivering your temporary driving permit. If you do not have a Sri Lankan you can also give the contact number for the place you will be staying at during your time in Sri Lanka.

If you happen to lose or destroy your temporary driving permit, you will have to re apply for your temporary permit via RENTO again at the same cost as the previous time.

It is illegal to drive a motor vehicle without a temporary driving permit that has been issued by AA Ceylon, RENTO provides these Permits from AA Ceylon to its customers to prevent them from getting fined or worse.

Incase police stop you, please provide them with the white paper card that states you are allowed to drive in Sri Lanka. The blue plastic card is not a license card but is a membership card for AA Ceylon and will not be recognized as a form of proof.

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